Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neko Case

Well, it's been a big week here in Sarah-and-Katie-Land. The women of 50 Downing Street have lived through famine, fire, and flood. (Flooding is actually true-- a radiator pipe burst and soaked my bedroom in water. But at least the heat is working now!)

And who better to understand our desperate travesties than the Middle Cyclone herself-- Neko Case. Neko performed yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and guess who won 2 tickets to stand and awkwardly and sway in the background during the taping? Her biggest fans and redheaded comrades, Sarah and Katie.

I've told you before why we love Neko. Her strength is something we seek. Her lyrics shoot through us right to the heart of our struggles. 'She gets us,' says Katie, every morning, with a smile.

Come on Sorrow, take your own advice.

***NOTE: We left this taping so embarrassed and giggly that we swore to never show the video to the world. Luckily you can barely see us. (We are on the back riser, in the front row, on the left, behind the drummer in matching green shirts with black cardigans.)

It's REALLY AWKWARD to be filmed while watching music. What do you do with your hands!? Do you sing along? Lordy, that was a test of our strength if nothing else.

Also, they stood me next to the SHORTEST, TINIEST woman I've ever seen, making your girl Sarah look even more like a giantess than I normally do. I definitely did the aforementioned slump-and-lean not out of respect this time, but out of self preservation. So not only was I feeling awkward in my own skin, but was then forced to DANCE to a live filming of one of my favorite songs ever written.

Television tapings are not for the weak of heart.

Oh, AND, the matching outfits were my idea. Looking back, I don't necessarily see the point either.


Megan said...

I love this more than you guys know. I woke up extra early to watch it.

Katie, it's so obvious that the music moves you but you were showing restraint instead of DANCING your EMOTIONS and FEELINGS!

Also I loved that there was one more girl one person away from you ALSO dressed in green and black.

I think I'm going to start every morning with this video

Meghan Pasicznyk said...

The slump-and-lean is one of my favorite moves. I had a hard time seeing my red-headed-beauties on my work computer screen, but I'm looking forward to the 52" high-def version when I get home from work tonight :)

B Butler said...

We saw the clip and will look for you on tv tonight

Gail said...

So...did you get to talk to her? Was she everything you hoped for? I loved your exposed ankles peeking out behind Neko. I thought you looked dignified and appropriate although I think you should have shoved the little short blond aside so you 3 in the black cardigan/green shirts could have stood together.