Monday, November 2, 2009

1000 Words

Well, this broke my heart. I have no time to post today, and I am too tired to think of anything clever to write here, but read it. Sharp writing, clear idea, heartbreaking prose.

I actually read this particular short story a few months ago, but the part below has been rolling around in my mind ever since, and I can't seem to shake it:

Tomorrow is Labor Day, and she wonders if he'll ever kiss her again. Labor Day will make twenty-seven days since she decided to stop kissing him because it doesn't mean anything and wait for him to kiss her, because then it might.

Its terribly depressing, I know, but its also beautiful. Beautiful to get something that raw SO very right.

(I'll be back soon for more thoughtful posts about the lovely life I've been living, I promise. There is much to say. So sorry for this long absense, but don't you worry, I am okay :)

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David Henly said...

glad to hear you're ok. have been missing your posts. Dude