Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Galapagos Art Space and Tami Stronach Dance Troupe

"Sarah, I thought we were going to see Modern dance. What the hell is this."

Last night marked another epic Sarah and Alison night-o-fun. We originally planned on attending a book reading by dear friend Molly at Chelsea Market, but being as we have done that before, we instead took up Laura on her offer of two tickets to the Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO to see the Tami Stronach Dance troupe.

The Galapagos Art Space is something to see. If you haven't been, go, and if you have been, we should talk. I was a bit distracted by the whole thing, as I've heard rumors of its massive planning errors. The space was clearly planned by artists for artists, which doesn't always work out that well, despite its obvious coolness factor. It's a large space with extremely limited seating, and instead of standing room, moats. Like, water moats, I kid you not.

Thus, this super-cool-space-without-very-much-seating business plan turns into inflated ticket prices which turns away super-cool-Brooklynites-who-would-attend-random-Modern-dance-performances-on-a-Tuesday, which in turn jacks up drink prices to make up for the lacking attendance. Which makes the attendance lack even more. BLAH, it frustrates me. (What did not frustrate me was the $6 Syrah and $12 antipasti plate that Al and I shared at Superfine beforehand. Now, that's a bargain! Going back for live Bluegrass at brunch soon.) ANYWAY...

The dance troupe was also something to see. And by something to see, I mean, just your everyday leopard thong wearing, rose petal blendering, diaper toting dance event. This was not Martha Graham, my dears. In fact, lets just cut out that word Modern all together and swap in Contemporary and enjoy the show. I was somewhat prepared for the oddities, and I kind of delight the craziness of these little performance pieces, but that didn't stop me from joining in Alison's giggles and uncomfortable squeals as a topless woman began pulling dental floss out of her hoo-ha and using it as a jump rope. Good times.

The performance consisted of several short dance numbers, linked in theme and concept. As stated in the program, they separately 'considered the private body, the public body, the disgusting body and the sensuous body.' More than anything, though, the dancers seemed to be having an absolute riot up there, and I am pleased to say that the same can be said for two of its giggling audience members.

Yes, despite the uncomfortable squeals and $12 vanilla infused vodka concoctions, Al and I had a fantastic Tuesday night. It was graced by a perfect April evening, the stunning Manhattan skyline via DUMBO, and absolute howls of laughter. Not bad at all.

***Note: When googling a picture of this dance troupe, the majority of photos that came up in my search were of the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story. Turns out-- TAMI STRONACH WAS THE CHILDLIKE EMPRESS IN THE NEVERENDING STORY! Man, that movie freaked me out as a kid. Tami was the one saving grace that distracted me from Falcor, that horrifying flying dog thing. Shivers.

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