Friday, March 30, 2012

Le Vent

Wowza--this video of two Staatsballett Berlin ballet dancers shot at 1000 frames per second, to Radiohead's Everything in Its Right Place. Gorg.

{via Cup of Jo}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March in Cobble Hill

Brooklyn seemed to have burst into bloom overnight! Congress and Bergen were both lined in pink and white blooms this morning. It's hard to beat springtime in New York.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New York in Fog

New York was crazy this morning! Upon seeing the thick fog outside my apartment door before my morning run, I begrudgingly hauled myself back up the steep three stories of steps to grab my camera and then snapped these unedited photos of a completely blocked Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park. (Note: THIS is what the park usually looks like.) Spooky!

View of the Brooklyn Bridge

What you see in the distance should be lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

See!? Spooky graveyard.

This spot is normally one of the best views of Lower Manhattan, with the Brooklyn Bridge just to the right.

The Brooklyn Bridge finally emerging around 8am.

Brooklyn Bridge from South Ferry Park. (South Ferry Park?)

Manhattan Bridge

And THEN, after I was all excited about my spooky run, I ran into something REALLY spooky......

A zombie on a movie set. For real.
The end.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This post was supposed to be about Hand to God, the "well-reviewed, recently shuttered Off-Broadway production that revolves around a demonic sock puppet." It's currently playing for a second round at the Ensemble Studio Theater, uptown and all the way over between 10th and 11th ave. Megan and I tried for tickets two Mondays ago only to find the show sold out, and last Monday, well, we missed the show.

We met at our favorite wine bar, Kashkaval, for a 'quick glass of wine and maybe some hummus or something'. Good intentions, I swear to you. But one glass turned into two, and hummus turned into a platter, stories turned into laughter and two minutes before curtain we found ourselves huffing up the theater steps, tickets in hand. They oversold that show, we quickly learned, and gave away our seats. That happened.

No matter! We are trying again tonight! Third time's a charm, right? Let's talk about Kashkaval.

Kashkaval is the perfect spot to meet before attending theater on Broadway (or at the Ensemble Studio Theater, as we are tonight), seeing a show at the dreaded Terminal 5, or taking a much needed break from an art fair. The wine list is generous, the service friendly, and the food is meant to be shared. We love the giant beans (giant beans? Is that a thing?), hummus, tahini, spinach, and olives. I asked our waitress for the funkiest red wine they served and I swear to you it tasted like a barnyard. Perfection.

Megan and I, after, well, two glasses of wine, both declared it our 'favorite wine bar in all of the land!' But even today, after nothing but iced water (so far) it might still hold true. Yes, it's all the way up and all the way over but perhaps one of these nights I'll make a special trip and stay for dinner. But tonight!--- theater. Round 3.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Everything Matters!

“Everything ends, and Everything matters.
Everything matters not in spite of the end of you and all that you love, but because of it. Everything is all you’ve got…and after Everything is nothing. So you were wise to welcome Everything, the good and the bad alike, and cling to it all. Gather it in. Seek the meaning in sorrow and don’t ever turn away, not once, from here until the end. Because it is all the same, it is all unfathomable, and it is all infinitely preferable to the one dreadful alternative."
-Ron Currie Jr, Everything Matters!

Everything Matters!
is the story of Junior, a man who knows from his inception that the world will end via comet in 36 years. Part scrappy prose, part science fiction, the narrative tumbles from there-- a terrifying premise told through the ordinary lens of the struggling family of a man holding the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Braced with this understanding Junior coils and fears, worries and waits. He realizes quickly and ferociously that in a world ending before we can save the dolphins or cure cancer or watch the next generation accomplish anything at all, NOTHING MATTERS. Nothing matters! Nothing matters.

The trick-- dear reader-- is a shared understanding that Currie wouldn't hand us a book with such a grandiose (and perfect!) title without promising us an explanation. And with about 40 pages to go, he hands us our prize for trudging through Junior's resentment and fear. As Junior is offered a second chance, we are handed a much greater understanding of both Currie's motives and, well, life! I felt physically shaken by the last few pages. Shaken and enlightened, if I may be so bold.

READ IT. This book was quite literally shoved into my fingers by the booksellers at The Strand, and here is your written push. This book has taken me days to process and I'd love to discuss it with you.

Next up: Zeroville.