Friday, November 6, 2009

Broken English

I watched Broken English for the third time tonight. (First and second times were not tonight, they were months ago. I just couldn't figure out how to word that sentence.) I started it this morning, and finished it while making pasta for a very small dinner party, and I fell in love with it all over again. Have you all seen this film?

Katie first introduced it to me last winter, and the two of us firmly established it as part of our roommate canon. (Other films include Two Lovers, Before Sunrise, and After Sunset.) Parkey Posey stars alongside a cast of tired and worn New Yorkers that create a fairytale story just sad enough to be believable.

Yes, the story is depressing beyond all means, but the acting is superb and if you squint hard enough and focus your senses you will find the hidden satire in Posey's character Nora. It's a funny movie hidden in a mess of sleeping pills and anxiety attacks.

And even in this small jaded indie film we find a happy ending. Because we're here just like Nora--out swimming through this city-- looking for our own.


Mach1 said...

I think it would be "I watched Broken English tonight for the third time." It's still a little unclear, but my moving "tonight" closer to the verb, you're making the time a little more understandable.

Please come to me with all your grammar and sentence-structure questions. I by no means have all the answers, but I like to think I do.

Mach1 said...

...and right after I write about how authoritative I am on writing and language, I see that I wrote "my" when I meant "by."

I love my life.

Sarah Butler said...

will, your little mistake made my day. i'm evil like that.