Friday, April 2, 2010

Ugo Rondinone

Speaking of Florence again... I just learned that Florence of Florence and the Machine based the song 'The Dog Days are Over' on Ugo Rondinone's installation on London's South Bank. LOVE THAT.

She apparently used to bike by this piece during art school and decided to write a song about 'that feeling of being free'. Also, the drumming sound in that song was made by her banging her hands against the wall, as recorded in her studio apartment. HOW COOL IS SHE!? (You know Ugo from his installation at the New Museum just-a-hop-skip from my offices here in Soho. Hell, yes!)

And, if you are curious, I also just learned that the phrase 'dog days of summer' refers to Sirius, the Dog Star that hits in late summer. The 'dog days' are the hottest days of summer, a time when all creatures become languid. Good stuff.

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