Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simon Hogsberg

A friend sent me this artist's website today, and I immediately fell in love with the photo above (as well as the woman in it.) Simon Hogsberg is a Danish photographer specializing in narrative imagery. His voice is clear and concise and feels innately European in its flooding of white light. This particular series, however, is set in my darling New York, and therefore stood out among the rest.

As stated from his website (note: the feed scrolls left to right):

Once in a while I see a person on the street who immediately attracts my attention. I’m fascinated by the appearance of the person and feel a strong urge to walk over and say hi.
I spent one month, seven hours a day, walking the streets of New York in search for people who had this effect on me. I found ten, and asked each of them the same question: What do you think about your face?

Besides the obvious poetry in this idea (aging gracefully, history of self, a visual past), one other thought jumps out at me... really?! A month? You walked around New York for SEVEN HOURS a day for a month!? On whose time and on what pocketbook?! And you only found 10 people???? That's well under one person a day! And THESE are them? Sorry, but if I didn't say it who would.

The photos are lovely though... :)

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Jen Pasko said...

Your right, what the heck did he do with his time? I would have about a thousand pics....However I find myself enchanted with the portraits of the two elderly women mesmerizing.