Friday, February 6, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Reader, beware. This will get personal.

I went to He's Just Not That Into You the other night with high hopes and much anticipation. I love movies like this... case studies on personalities and relationships and the smashing of the two. Well, I didn't love the movie. Even though I wanted to. However... It encouraged much thought, as intended. That I will give it.

The thing is... this movie wasn't actually directed at my sect, contrary to all prior thought. It wasn't set in New York, for one. I know that makes me crazy narcissistic to declare that it would have turned out differently if it were, but come on... it would have. In New York exists a certain demographic absent from this tanglement of love stories. What about the single gal? I know, Gigi... she was single, right? No, she was not. Not in the way that I view single.

I remember a friend of mine going through a breakup a few years ago in absolute hysterics over the idea of being single again. 'I don't want to go out on a million dates,' she cried. 'I don't want to put in the effort, I don't want to have random makeouts at bars!' 'WHOA,' I thought in horror. 'That's NOT what single means.'

Gigi is a girl looking for love. She is desperately searching for that one person who will make her whole, once and for all. She is trying really, really hard to not be single. To her, single is the enemy. Even in the end she is dating like crazy trying to figure it out.

I kept waiting for someone to smack her and to tell her that she needs to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the life she is living. Why didn't some wise old soul open her eyes to the goodness around her... read a book! See a movie! Have dinner with friends! LIVE YOUR LIFE! What the hell!?

Whatever happened to the Katherine Hepburns of this world? Where is Mae West? Vivien Leigh? June Carter? Give me Jo March, people. This movie was chock-full of whiney Amy's.

What do you think this blog is about? Its about falling in love, come on. That's the title. It is, in a way, mocking the idea of falling in love as taught to us in fairy tales. I started this blog to energize the world (well, myself and my 5 friends who read it) in passionately caring about everyday life. I wanted to start a revolution of thought and awareness. Something to fill that ridiculous 'void' that we are taught exists when we don't have an 'other.' It's a very direct and pointed correlation.

That said, I did tear up when Ben got down on his knee and proposed to Jennifer. I liked that story line because it showcased real hurt as opposed to petty 'will he call me' crap. It was the only story line that didn't make me cringe. (Well, thats not true, I liked the Scarlet Johansson/Bradley Cooper line as well, but mostly because I really liked him in Alias.)

My advice to Gigi? There aren't any rules. There aren't any lessons. There aren't any rights and wrongs and coulda shoulda woulda's. There are just synapses and signals shooting across the universe and sometimes they smack into eachother and sometimes they don't. There are some amazing guys out there, and when it does happen, I'm sure it will be wonderful. Just please don't waste your time trying to predict it. Now go read a book or something.

Stepping off my soapbox now. Happy Valentines Day. :)


Katie Henly said...

I agree on so many levels. But instead of going and reading a book right now I am going to bake. For tonight. So when our girlfriends come over we can indulge while watching The Bachelor. Not THAT show means love.

David Henly said...

Sarah you have wisdom beyond your meagre chronologic years! You and Katie are perfect together. Life is that zestful opportunity, let's not be puny in our thinking. And for God's sake let's not be lugubrious!!

Jen Pasko said...

"Shooting out synapses" the science nerd in me just smiled with glee. I am going to have to say you nailed it on the head. I too was so disappointed in Gigi's desperation...Instead of groveling in my singledom self-pity, I have decided to embrace my lack of attachment and to experience the fabulous world around me. Have a great week!

Lo said...

"Now go read a book or something."

I fucking love you.

Can I write a guest blog someday? :)

Meredith said...

So true! Carl and I saw it last night and weren't too impressed. Although he was particularly disturbed by the Scarlett Johansen/Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Connely plot line. But we deemed that all but the Jennifer Aniston/Ben Afflick plot lines were just totally unrealistic, and anything that might have helped them seem more realistic was exaggerated too much.
What this boils down to is that I strongly agree with your review and critique.

Laura said...

Sarah! I love you! This is EXACTLY how I felt about this movie and I am so glad there are other wonderfully intelligent women out there who understand what it means to truly love! You are amazing and we must meet in person! Love to you and Katie :-)

smartcookie said...

Just stumbled across your blog and was totally sucked in. Yes, isn't New York the greatest? You are a talented chick!