Friday, February 27, 2009

Live Hard, Create Compulsively, Die Young.

Fantastic Times article today with an even better title about a bad-boy artist Martin Kippenberger. I hope to see the show at MoMa this weekend (to make up for that unfortunate Twombly mix-up).

As stated by Holland Cotter,

What was he high on? Alcohol, ambition, disobedience, motion, compulsive sociability, history and art in its many forms.

Art in its many forms was what he made — specifically paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, prints, posters, books — all in madly prolific quantities. In every sense he took up a lot of space.

And he continues to do so at the Museum of Modern Art, where his first — and excellent — American retrospective, “Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective,” is spilling out of top-floor galleries and down into the atrium.

Doesn't that just get you EXCITED!? Well done, Cotter. Well done, Kippenberger.
photo: NY Times

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Katie Henly said...

LOVED it. Unlike The Bachelor tonight.