Monday, February 2, 2009

Hongtao Zhou

So, I work for an art magazine but have absolutely no say as to what is published in the magazine. I work on the publishing side, not the edit side. However... artists still email me personally all day trying to get into the mag. I usually delete these emails immediately but for some reason I opened this one today and fell in love with this artist's work. His name is Hongtao Zhou, a University of Wisconsin-Madison art student. He recently created icy furniture art on frozen Lake Mendota near the UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace shoreline. As said by Zhou, They connect the lake, the land, the air and the people and complete a life cycle with minimum environmental impact. Lovely. Those are ice cream bowls above.
Visitors stops by taking pictures, eating ice cream with snow bowls and trying the cold ice chairs. The icy furniture makes the winter Terrace shoreline a place to enjoy winter fun.

Following the weather changes, the furniture will melt back into the lake and become a part of the water body again and complete the beauty of green life cycle.

If I were in charge, Hongtao... you'd be Cover 1. :)

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