Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vito Schnabel

I only read celeb gossip on airplanes about twice a year. This surprises most people, I don't know why. However... work today involved hassling the Schnabel fam, and I couldn't help but look this kid up. 23 year old Vito Schnabel is so cool that his website only says this.

He reps Ron Gorchov and is currently showing Terence Koh's Flowers for Baudelaire in (ready for some name dropping?) Richard Avedon's old studio. Anna Wintor, Simon dePury, Agathe Snow, Rita Ackerman, Mary Boone, and Thaddeaus Ropac were also in attendance. Damn.

He is projected to be one of the best art dealers of our time. AND he is (was?) dating Elle McPherson. So cool.

Is anyone wondering what the Schnabel Family did for Thanksgiving? I am!

This Thanksgiving, paterfamilias Julian Schnabel gathered the clan to his Montauk home for the feast. That would be his three children—Vito Maria, 20, Stella Madrid, 22, Lola Montes, 25—from his first marriage to clothing designer Jacqueline Beaurang, and his twin boys, Cy and Olmo, 13, from his current wife, Olatz Lopez Garmendia.

“My dad will cook a ham and Oltaz will make the chickens—this year, she also made some delicious risotto. My dad doesn’t eat birds,” said Vito Schnabel by phone on Dec. 11. The budding art dealer-curator was in Miami, where he had spent a week at Art Basel Miami Beach in search of the “next young artist.” “We enjoyed some wine and then jumped in the pool,” he said. “Later, we sat by the fire.”

“We talk about all kinds of things. Art, movies, people, family, everything …. I don’t know—what do you talk about with your family?” said the young Mr. Schnabel.

“There are a lot of strong personalities in the family,” he said. His sister Stella is a poet and an actress. Lola is a painter and filmmaker. The twins, well, they’re 13—but no harm in prospecting.

“My little brother Cy loves to paint. He did a great painting of his dogs that hangs about his bed,” said Vito. “Olmo is a film nut. We’ll be watching The Deer Hunter, and he’ll be able to recite the whole cast and knows the movie backwards and forwards.”

Some celebrities are interesting. I can't help it.

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they sound just like our family.