Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mario Batali, you're kind of gross. Seriously.

But I like your food.

I had my favorite type of meal tonight with K and A at Mario Batali's cheapo resty, Otto... Lots of wine and lots of olives and espresso with two packs of sugar. YUM.

We talked about Mario's bizarro show Spain: On the Road Again in which he drives around Spain with Gwyneth Paltrow in a Mercedes convertible eating. I've yet to see it but absolutely love the idea. (NY Mag gave it a 'Highbrow Despicable' on the Approval Matrix for the very reason of being a show about driving around Spain in the Mercedes during a recession. Ha.)

It's a weird look into celebrity indulgence and a country in which I've become fascinated since hearing that gorgeous Spanish guitar music in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Maybe I'll buy it with my itunes gift card so that I can watch Mario and Gwen eat olives during my morning commute. Stay tuned.

At any rate, I love this restaurant... its very much a tourist trap but its near my office and its cheap Italian done well. Plus- there's always a chance of spotting those orange crocs. Ew.


La said...

promise that we'll go here next time i visit.

David Henly said...

In the middle of the Spain dvds now. I've been to most of these places in 6 trips to spain (2 with katie) Mario and GP are great together, relaxed, smooth. What better way to travel could there be? VCB just came out on dvd and is coming via netflix. My favorite character - Vicky! Torn. Hey, enjoying Crosley! Found my new favorite "girl singer" while researching our next radio show - "Women Who Move Us" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cySmUjQB05I
any suggestions? David

Sarah Butler said...

La- for sure.

As for 'women who move us,' I, like Katie, am a huge Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley fan. Also, listen to Martha Wainwright's rendition of 'Wither Must I Wander.' And Etta James, maybe?

And, Umm, Vicky over Cristina, really?! I disagree. Although.. Vicky is funnier.