Friday, January 23, 2009

Palazzo Chupi

As if my Schnabel obsession weren't creepy enough as it is, I discovered this today. Julian's recent hand-sketched and heartily manifested condo-palazzo in the west-West Village. Yum.

Not everyone loves it... but I do.

As quoted from the Times, 'On a recent Sunday, Mr. Schnabel, who was looking very much like a young Henry VIII (as dressed by Eddie Vedder, not Holbein, in a blue flannel shirt, white pajama bottoms and bright red socks) padded from one palazzo to another, with this reporter in tow. It took an hour and a half to wander from the swimming pool on the ground floor to the baronial living room of the vacant triplex, 170 feet above 11th Street.'

'Along the way, dogs appeared and vanished, along with Mr. Schnabel’s 22-year-old son, Vito, and a designer and raw food guru named Xavier Llongueras, who fetched new slippers for Mr. Schnabel when it was discovered he was tracking yellow paint everywhere.'

Oh... and Mr. Schnabel said he sketched its form in 15 minutes.
Can they get any cooler?

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