Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes

I love award shows. And I love movies. And having girlfriends who will cheer at the television as if it were a sporting event means the world to me.

We couldn't get over Sally Hawkin's too-skinny arms and couldn't stop gawking at Drew Barrymore's rat nest. We wished they would have better wide angle shots of Angelina's gold gown and pointed out J. Lo's back fat in unison. We LOVED Collin Farrell and of course Kate and Leo.

We also, if you were wondering, did do our own ballots and attempted to pick the winners. And Yours Truly over here-- the girl with the movie blog-- scored dead last. Maybe you should stop reading. I would.

Here we go... the SMtFiLW favorites of 2008:

1. Happy-Go-Lucky
2. Rachel Getting Married/Vicky Cristina Barcelona tie.
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Revolutionary Road
5. Slumdog Millionaire
6. The Reader/Milk tie
7. Marley and Me
8. The Wackness
9. The Wrestler
10. The Dark Knight

Yes, in my award show ties are allowed and instead of trophies I would give slices of homemade pie (for Sally Hawkins, right Al?) and acceptance speeches would have no time limit (cry as long as you want to Kate Winselt, we'll eat it up).

Can't wait for Oscar season. Go team.


David Henly said...

thrilled with Kate's double and her gown won as well. She's really hitting on all cylinders these days! Watched "Little Children" last night - not sure how i missed it in 2006 since i dug Todd Field's "In The Bedroom." The fear of domesticity lives! Now on a total Tom Perrotta kick - reading "The Abstinence Teacher" now. Later, David

La said...

Loved Kate Winslet's acceptance speech. She's my favorite. I also appreciated your list. So glad we saw Happy-Go-Lucky on your birthday. What does SMtFiLW stand for? Did I miss something? And what's the Wrestler? I'm very surprised a movie called the Wrestler made your list.

Sarah Butler said...

SMtFiLW... think about it REALLY hard, La, in relation to my blog. then get back to me.

yeah, the wrestler was this amazing movie about one of my least favorite topics... professional wrestling. i'll write about it soon. it was SO very sad, hit me to the core in ways that very few movies tackle. a VERY interesting film, i'm still processing it.

Did you see Sally Hawkin's acceptance speach?! She was darling and really nervous. My friend Chris works for Miramax and said that she didn't own any jewelery and had to borrow that from one of the girls in the office. Love her. Happy-Go-Lucky is the best and I'm SO HAPPY it did well.

'Little Children' is an amazing film (and book), its interesting to compare her two characters... they are actually two extremes of unhappy domesticity. 'The Abstinence Teacher' is one of the best books I read last year, as is 'Election' in both film and book versions.

MeggieSue said...

I saw the preview for the The Wrestler when I saw Slumdog. That is the LAST movie I would ever expect you to see... You've sparked my interest and I may have to partake as well :)

Also, Laura, don't feel bad about SMtFiLW - I was equally stumped!

La said...

ummm...i'm very embarrassed. can i delete my question?