Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kirsha Kaechele-- Solving the Problem of the Non-Profit

Photo: NYT

Artist/entrepreneur/smartypants Kirsha Kaechele, once again blew my mind this morning in THIS New York Times article.

The last time we visited Kaechele, I praised her understanding of the Non-Profit, but yielded at the financial stability of her endeavors. To be honest, I often worry about KKProjects (I do! I actively worry!) and wonder what has become of it in the past two years. I was truly dumbfounded by her brilliance have yet to discover a non-profit so very in tune with its purpose, its audience, and its patrons. Her clarity is so very rare. To quote myself,

"Kaechele is driven by art as a pure concept. This isn't a new idea or motivation, most non profits can stake the claim. But the difference between Kaechele and the rest of the art world is that she succeeds. Not in a measureable way, as my bet is that KKProjects is on the brink of absolute sinking financial failure. She instead succeeds in the preservation of idea. She's also slightly crazy. Which helps."

Turns out, Kaechele, true to form, solved her own problem. Or, at least, is on the brink of solving it. Here, READ.

The whole game of finding support just started to seem so childish,” she told the Times. (And it is! Trust me!) The goal for next year’s crop is to generate $1 million after expenses to be used for art projects on the farm and to send back to support KK and other projects in New Orleans, which they hope will ultimately be financed entirely by the farm.

And if it fails? No doubt Kirsha and her Merrymen will be right back with another idea to turn the Art World on its head, dissect it into bits and put back the pieces more beautifully. She is, after all, the girl who hired her vandals as artists.

Oh, and guess who aided in forming this idea? Thats right, last week's featured artist Fred Tomaselli. Just another reason to get thee to the Brooklyn Museum, aiy?


Anonymous said...

An update on what has become of Kirsha Kaechele and her "art".

Sarah said...

THANK YOU! That's a little infuriating, now isn't it? I'd love to hear more thoughts.

Anonymous said...

She is not well liked in New Orleans but keeps on paying her cronies to write about her....it's like being force fed shit. We're full.