Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monet at Gagosian

FANTASTIC little Jerry Saltz piece in this week's NY Mag on Larry Gagosian's Monet show. Despite my reluctant agreement with site commenter 'WHYGODWHY's statement that Monet had cataracts (this is laying into the argument that Monet's lilies held that fuzziness because he couldn't see, and impressionism is actually based on the late invention of working eye glasses rather than his, shall we say, verve, therefore disassembling everything we know about painting post Impressionism) I appreciate Saltz's smart enthusiasm for an artist that has been-- as he so cleverly states-- passé since 1909. Whew, long sentence.

I love that Larry hung this show and I love that Saltz bullet pointed its importance to New York's impatient readership and judgey and art crowd.

"This show (a) is free to the public, (b) is something no American museum has done, and (c) teaches us to see a great artist better. Get thee to Gagosian."

(Article HERE.)

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