Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot Bird

Hot Bird! Not only does this new bar on the corner of Atlantic and Clinton have the best new bar name around, but it also has a great outdoor space that isn't yet taken over by bouncers and motorcycles. It's just around the corner from my old stomping ground, rocks an antique tap, and served as the jumping point for what turned into a certifiably epic weekend.

Plus, they played vintage Dolly Parton for us all night long, and if Dolly doesn't put you in a good mood, I don't know what will. (Well, until happy hour ended at least, and we got hungry. Hot Bird isn't serving food yet, which is confusing as the name DOES allude to chicken. Although it is obviously named after those awesome yellow ads that have graced Atlantic Avenue for years, everyone knows that.)

***NOTE: This bar is so new and random that I am actually one of the first people to have written about it, or so it seems post-google search. NY Mag hasn't picked it up, and I can't find a website for the life of me. Just remember that you HEARD IT HERE FIRST. Lovely Day: On the pulse.

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