Friday, June 19, 2009

Lovely Day

Yes, I have decided to rename the ol' blog. It's the same blog-- same everything-- but new title. It's just time for some change, that's all.

I chose the long and droning title 'So Much to Fall in Love With' late one night after watching some old black and white movie in bed in a fit of panic. You all know the story... I had hit rough waters and found myself grasping for comfort in any way possible. I needed to fall back in love with my own life and fast. And for some unknown reason, a blog suddenly sounded like a brilliant and perfect way to do so.

I didn't intend on showing anyone the blog, save for a few close friends and my sisters. I was extremely embarrassed that I was being so very 'internety' in blogging but slowly began to unfurl and share my little thoughts and happenings with more people. I knew that the title was too long and not catchy enough from that very first post but decided to focus on writing and loving and think about the title later.

Well, almost ten months and 118 posts later I still don't like that title. I LOVE what the blog has done for my life-- I fully credit this outlet for suturing my heart. It did what it was supposed to do. It brought me back into my life in a very real and tangible way. I transferred the love I thought I had lost to other things: art, movies, books, theater, and above all else-- New York City. I found out how easy it is to be actively in love. (Are you with me?) New York became my rebound. And it worked.

Anyway.... I love writing and I love hearing your comments and I don't intend on stopping anytime soon. But I still hate the old title. So, for the past month or so, I've been consulting a Blog Renaming Committee that I formed myself. Some of the committee members were very enthusiastic and others (fine, MOST) could have cared less what I call this thing. We all talked about many options (my favorite being Que Sera Sarah, hahahaa) but in the end of course I chose my own title that no one else really loved. Go figure.

Lovely Day. Will thinks its too 'old lady-ish'; Lo thinks it sounds like I am 'trying to be British'. Meghan very tactfully told me to 'keep thinking' and Alex just changed the subject most of the time. Alison just wanted me to keep working on the 'Character Page' (COMING SOON!) and Annie wanted me to include the word 'gold' in the title somehow because its my favorite color. Katie pretty much loved every title I mentioned, and that's why she's the best roommate ever.

But I like it. I like Lovely Day. I completely stole it from a great little restaurant in Nolita, but I think it fits this blog just fine. And to be honest, if this blog were to be a restaurant, I would hope that it might look a bit like the interior of its namesake: floral stenciling, diner-style red leather booths, Formica-topped tables, an old wooden soda fountain–era bar, and an antique cash register. A little sloppy; unashamedly nostalgic; oddly chic.

I have perfectly held memories of ordering cold noodles at Lovely Day in a red vinyl covered booth over 4 years ago as a student studying art in the big city. I remember how it felt 'so New York' to me at the time (which is phrase that real New Yorkers would never use but I didn't know that then) with its chalkboard wine list, crammed tables, dark interior, and slightly rude wait staff.

I can remember sitting there, slurping those noodles, and thinking that my life would be perfect if I could just live in a city that offered little places with names like 'Lovely Day' on little streets with names like 'Elizabeth.' None of it seemed big to me... it was all small and secret and wonderful. New York was a million little nooks and crannies and I wanted to fit into each one.

In all ironies, I now work just down the street from Lovely Day on Elizabeth and walk by often. I live here and work here and have discovered many little places like Lovely Day-- places that I've laughed and conversed and fought and cried and kissed and laughed some more. I was naive then and I'm naive now and you know what... that's okay.

So the new name is Lovely Day. Let me know what you think. :)

(Oh, and its still the same web address! Don't get confused! Its still I couldn't change that.)


David Henly said...

Perfect. Reading your blog makes my day "lovely." It gives me a glimpse into my daughter's life in NYC. Your writing is wonderful, your insights unique and your enthusiasm infectious! Keep it up. We do our radio show with you Brooklynites in mind and i can't wait to hang out with you two soon.

Lauren said...

Our brainstorming session on Tuesday goes down as one of my favorite gchats ever. Can't wait to be punchy together in person for 18 hours of greatness.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and well written blog. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

La said...

Lovely. It's actually been my favorite word recently. Honestly, before you changed the title. Crazy. Love it. :-)