Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prime Meats: Part II

Prime Meats fits generously into the Lovely Day school of being. It is one of those nooks and crannies that keeps New York (Brooklyn, specifically) small. It's graced with tin ceilings, knotty tabletops, and a rare quietness based not on occupation but on design. The food is hardy (a strong German/Austrian influence) and the drinks precise (our cocktails contained things like elderflower and essence of violet), creating a strong brew of both comfort and, well, class.

I was very well behaved last Friday by going directly home after work to do laundry, dishes, and catch up on my reading. I was just heading to bed when I got a call from Alison and Kim, requesting my presence at Prime Meats. Prime Meats! Yay. Although I wrote about the establishment months ago, I actually had yet to sit in its large wooden booths with my partners in crime in hopes of spying a Frank. So what if I was supposed to be a good girl and sit home for a nice quiet evening alone for a change!? This was worth the diversion.

I hauled myself out of pajamas, threw on some jeans and my slightly embarrassing 'Work of Art' t-shirt, and called a car at midnight. I arrived in Carroll Gardens just after 12:15am to find Kim and Al deep in laughter and spatzle. We sipped our fancy-pants cocktails, ordered a big ol' pretzel and managed to solve all of the problems in both our own lives and the world at large before turning back into pumpkins. As the night tilted toward morning we finally retired to our own neighborhoods content and giggly.

I love those girls. I love that bar.

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I love the new name!