Monday, April 20, 2009

Brooklyn Public House

You know you've established yourself in a neighborhood when the waitstaff remembers what type of beer you ordered the day before. 'No, Sweetie, I think you liked the Jever yesterday.' Well, either established yourself or become a really sad variety of bar rat. I am going to go with the former because, well, this is my blog and I get to choose.

Brooklyn Public House opened about a month ago in Fort Greene and it has become a bit of a staple for weekend afternoons. We always arrive before anyone else and leave just before the dinner-and-drinks crowd arrives. I am usually wearing yoga pants, tennis shoes, and my hair back in a tight and unattractive headband, and often have bags of groceries or flea market purchases. Its that type of place... unfussy, warm, welcoming, and not at all in the daily plan.

We like the vintage wallpaper, the 'special' German beer... we like the old wooden bar and that the bartender looks like Jim Sturgess. Its weekends like this that I can feel my friends relax into themselves and realize that there is no place we'd rather be than surrounded by friends, 20-something, and living in Brooklyn.


Mach1 said...

You use "we" but don't indicate companions. Are you one of those people who pretends she is aristocratic and uses "we" to refer to herself all the time? Please say no.

Sarah Butler said...

we= me, annie llewellyn, lizzie honan, meg rooney, allison hughes, steve milton, karen chahal, dave horowitz, katie henly, madonna, michelle obama, bradley whitford, tom ford, princess grace, tina fey... people like that.

Mach1 said...

I hang out with cooler people than you, just so you know.