Monday, August 22, 2011

White Christmas

Did you know that you can watch White Christmas in its entirety on YouTube!? And the picture quality is wonderful! What a world.

(If nothing else, just skip to 54:19. The 6 minutes to follow will make your heart stop.)

*Side note: I always felt really bad for Rosemary Clooney at the conclusion of that scene (1:00:16). She just looked so sad there with her dumb tambourine, all fake smiley after Vera Ellen KILLED IT with those legs. I've since gotten past this.


Gail said...

What an incredible find! You are so right to feel sorry for Rosemary-who could compete with those legs and toes tapping 100 miles/hour.

Amanda said...

I remember as a little girl thinking that Rosemary looked so fat and I watch and realize that she is just a normal curvy lady. What a great find Sarah :) LOVE this movie.

Laura said...

That's amazing! I always loved Rosemary the best.