Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Land

Last October I was at a party with John M, talking with a very sweet Scandinavian girl who was new to New York and had just moved to Brooklyn, not far from John. We happened to be seeing a Danish pop singer, Oh Land, the next week at a gallery that our friend runs, so we decided to invite our new blonde friend along to the show. Her response?

"I am Oh Land."
"Oh, you know her music!"
"Yes, I am Oh Land."
"What? You like Oh Land?"
"No, I am Oh Land."

And then I ran away and got more champagne and hid in a corner and John continued talking with her. (This is how John and I differ socially.)

Anyway, she seems to be doing well, is super pretty, and is opening for Katy Perry this fall! Go Oh Land.


Gail said...

I love the glitter and the spotted horse! Did you enjoy the concert?

Laura said...

That is hilarious.