Monday, July 11, 2011

Une Femme est Une Femme

I watched Godard's Une Femme est Une Femme on Saturday night after ditching out early on the overly crowded, overly cool PS1 Summer Warm Up. We were lucky enough to score fancy VIP passes that included special seating and free beer, but even with that-- TOO CROWDED! Too loud. Am I old or just boring? Anyway, I traded in my a perfectly lovely New York summer evening in favor of Anna Karina on instant Netflix. Whatever!

Une Femme est Une Femme is a silly little film about a flirty stripper (the cute kind, in sailor costumes and bloomers) who decides to trade it all in for the hope of a baby. Her boyfriend disagrees and there, dear reader, lies the story. I haven't watched a lot of Godard (Breathless should be next, I'm told) but this one is choppy yet delightful with musical crescendos so dramatic they made me squirm a little bit.

I can't say that Godard stands the test of time, but he does, most definitely, take us back to a time in Paris we didn't even know we longed for. (check out the bit at 1:25. ANNA!)

Crazy. Night. In.

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