Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Again, I always feel like my grandparents when I harp on the weather (they LOVE the weather so much) but how gorgeous has this week turned out to be?! But in case it turns sour again--- a tip! Accuweather.com is so much more optimistic and pleasant than gloomy weather.com. They use tricky phrases like 'mostly sunny' instead of 'partly cloudy' and 'a thunderstorm possible' rather than 'scattered thunderstorms.' Get it? And their suns look like egg yolks.

Also of note:

Have you heard the Paula Poundstone vs Michael Pollan food debate on Wait, Wait? HILARIOUS. She can be really annoying but her relentless defense of the Ring Ding and complete commitment to the bit really works in this case.

Words We Don't Say, by NY Mag's Kurt Anderson. BLOGGERS! READ! And be sure to read the comments, as they are just as funny as the list itself. Rare!

A well observed, funny, funny list.

Well, THIS is exciting!

Mmmmmm that's all for now, I think. Sorry that I haven't really written anything of content recently, I'll work on it!

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