Monday, April 4, 2011

This American Life: Very Tough Love

Anyone out there in the mood to get angry? Specifically at this fine country's judicial system? Not that we necessarily need to drag up a reason, but have a listen to this week's episode of This American Life, Very Tough Love.

In this episode, Ira takes us to Georgia to a drug court program that is run differently from every other drug court in the country, acting in ways that are contrary to the very philosophy of drug court. The episode works because the story is unbelievably strong and should be told, but it's good because Ira clearly takes a stance. He often tries to remain non-partisan in these things but his irritation gets the best of him in this story and clearly leaks through. I love Ira.

And after you're all heated over the idiots down in Georgia, have a listen to DIY from 2005 (but happened to appear on my ipod last week so I just heard it for the first time). DIY is the story of an OUTRAGEOUS injustice against an innocent man from Brooklyn by our own city court system. It's crazy and will infuriate you.

Then if you need a palate cleanser after the podcasts above, I see that Mike Birbiglia will be on the TAL tv show this week! Laughter! Perfect! So if you're someone who watches tv and knows what the tv show is all about, there's that. (I have seen the same episode 4 times on 4 different flights. That one with the bull with the gross hangy skin.)

Or, by all means, do what I'm going to do right now--- watch Jane Feltes* instructional make-up videos on The Hairpin. Crazy. Night. In.

(More TAL here.)

*Jane Feltes is actually a producer on This American Life. Interesting.


Laura said...

I listened to that one! Tough love was very upsetting, I agree.

kelsey louise said...

I listened to this, too! What a crazy lady she was. I looked it up online later and there is actually a petition to fire her. Sounds like she has lots of personal issues with her own addicted husband.