Friday, April 15, 2011

Success Story by Terence Winch

One of the many wonderful things about PRI's Writers' Almanac is that they not only publish all of them poems on their website from past episodes, but also for the four days to come. Think of it! You can actually read TOMORROW'S poem.

And tomorrow's poem happens to be hilarious!

Success Story

by Terence Winch

My clothes are perfectly contoured
to my body. my shoes & socks
fit just right. My cat is a delightful
intelligent animal. My apartment
is great. The right location,
cheap rent. I eat the best food.
My friends love me. I adore them.
My lover is terrific & beautiful.
The sun is shining. There are trees
even in the slums in Washington.
I have tons of money & a gorgeous
air conditioner. Great art hangs
on my wall. I live a spine-tingling life
of delirious sex & intense happiness.

"Success Story" by Terence Winch, from The Great Indoors. © Story Line Press, 1994.

Looking forward to a good night and a pleasant tomorrow.

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tpw said...

Thank you, Sarah, whomever you may be.