Friday, December 17, 2010

The Tree Story

And now, to counter my obnoxiously upbeat take on this holiday season, please read this: Lauren Hoffman's newest essay on The Nervous Breakdown

And a bit of our corresponding chatter:

5:25 PM Lauren: Christmas stories have morals – things like “Giving is important” or “Family matters” or “Maybe snoop through your husband’s closet a little to find out what he got you before you up and cut off all your hair” or “If you don’t want the inside of your hotel to be covered with placenta and overrun with shepherds, go ahead and tell that nice pregnant lady that you’re all booked up.”
6:10 PM me: bahaaaaaaaa
did you write that??
please say yes
6:11 PM Lauren: yeah
I changed "covered with placenta" to "covered IN placenta"
6:17 PM me: that makes all the difference
Lauren: are you being sarcastic?
because OMG IT DOES
6:18 PM me: my arms hurt
Lauren: yoga?
my thumbs hurt from christmas button crafts
6:22 PM me: i wasn't being sarcastic! i love little word changes
i do i do! (yes, yoga.)
6:23 PM Lauren: hahaha
I'm trying not to overwrite
but I really hate christmas

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