Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Why Public claims to be 'library' themed, I do not know. I was expecting something more like Union Hall, where there are things like books and bookshelves everywhere. Public DOES have what look to be POs but might actually be old school card catalogs? (For those of you who did not attend St. Olaf College, POs mean 'post office boxes', as pictured above.) Public felt more, I don't know, breezy. And, come to find out, it is actually an Australian resty, so I was kind of on target with my breezy assessment. Who knew?!

At any rate, my roommate and I were out last night celebrating Katie's recently awarded FULBRIGHT TO GERMANY (my roommate is mad smart) and my, well, gift card. Dinner was lovely-- the good people at Public gave us free champagne and the scallops really are that good. I had the lamb, Katie had the venison. We shared candied brussels sprouts, an avocado lentil salad, and a salted chocolate mousse with two spoons.

Our conversation spanned the globe-- from German grocery stores to health care to a shared childhood obsession that I will not mention here. But even through our ever present laughter, our sentiment held a tone of muted sadness-- for we both know that our lives are quite suddenly changing at a rapid speed. It's the end of an era, people. Four residents of 50 Downing who drink coffee together each morning will each go their own way come fall. Until then, more scallops, please. Until then, more champagne.


Mach1 said...

I really liked this post. It struck exactly the right note of sentimentality without being mushy. That's hard to pull off. Bravo!

Katie Henly said...

Sarah! Don't make me CRY.