Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Love

Hello again. A new camera entered my life this week. I'm probably blowing my excitement out of proportion, but if you know me at all, you aren't the least bit surprised. I get excited easily. Plus, its a LOVELY camera. A happy little camera. MY camera. Around this time last year I announced that I wanted a DSLR. I wanted a GOOD camera, one like Ryan's, like Molly's, like Luisa's, and Brian's. I started looking soon there after and came to the same conclusion for months on end-- I couldn't make up my mind on a model, or the brand, or the reason. I couldn't justify such an elaborate purchase without being certain. So yes, it took a year.

The first time I held an SLR, I was in love. In LOVE. (I'm also in love with the sewing machine up there, but we can talk about that later.) It was Ryan's camera and the click, click gave me a little thrill. The images I captured astounded me, especially the portraits. The feeling of clicking a good quality camera was like watching a flawless card trick (ah ha!) That click, click-- that perfect click, click-- gave me a high that I knew I had to chase.
Alas, an entire year later, I am finally holding my own SLR in my long, spindly fingers. I chose a Nikon D5000-- a refurbished model from the good men of B&H Photo who patiently helped me through the process. They all gave me a confused look when I told them over and over my reason for wanting a nice camera-- I just want my photos to look good. 'You're not a photographer?' No, not really. 'But you want to become a photographer?' No, I just want my pictures to look nice. Doesn't everyone? They kept asking me questions I didn't know how to answer because at this point I really don't know the difference between ISO, AF, and Lv. I do want to learn, though...
So here I am, camera in hand, click, clicking my way through New York City. I did some fantastic damage clicking all of Palm Beach this weekend on my little work trip, and will show you those photos soon. And--like a good blogger would-- I will be creating a Flickr site to share with you all, but I'm still figuring out the odds and ends of exactly how to do so.
Stay tuned, people. So much more to come...


vivian girl said...

OMG I love you and I can totally relate to you camera love. I too am looking to add to my family with a DSLR but have yet to decide on what to get and currently lack the funds anyway.
I also miss NYC and am thinking that maybe after I graduate there may be a job out there waiting for me. I love reading your blog and living in NYV via you.

-Sorry not trying to be a creepers!
Much love!

La said...

love your photos. now i want that camera! so happy for you that you got one. :-)

Meghan Pasicznyk said...

what gorgeous pictures already!! now i want one. problem is, you always took better pictures than me with my silly point and click. i might be disappointed with my lack of skills with a DSLR :(

Sarah Butler said...

Whitney, i LOVE when you comment on here, its not creepers at all! Keep it up, it makes me know that people are reading.

There is totally a job for you in NY-- let me know what you are thinking when you get close to graduation and I'll see what I can do to help you find one!

Meggie-- you need a camera like this, its amazing. and La, you do too, for your food photos. there is even a food SETTING on mine! amazingness.

love you girls.

Amanda said...

i am so happy for you and your camera and i expect such great things! the pictures already took my breath away, but i should have expected that if they were created by miss sarah butler

Gail said...

Your pictures on your blog with your new camera are incredible! You are embarking on a new adventure! I am so glad you are taking us along.