Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Match Point

Have you all seen Match Point? It came out a few years ago and I distinctly remember wanting to see it and missing my chance. If you live somewhere like Indianapolis, where I was living at the time, the 'good' films have short runs in theaters and if you miss the first weekend, you're out of luck. (If you live in New York, they last forever. In fact, I tried to see Up In The Air tonight and it was sold out. WEEKS after its opening. Another odd reason that I love this city-- people still go to the movies.)

We all know that I love a good, long, slow story with talking heads and upseting endings, and this seemed to fit on my proverbial bookshelf nicely. A caricature of every movie I've ever fallen in love with that most of the world hated-- Two Lovers. Little Children. Closer. Broken English. FUNNY PEOPLE. (Why did no one appreciate Funny People?! I thought it was somewhat brilliant and I've never even liked Adam Sandler.)

Well, Match Point was different. It was similar to the previously mentioned depressing affair-driven nightmares but our friend Woody Allen went one step further with his shocking punch of an ending. Perhaps the rest of you were aware of the film's conclusion prior to viewing, but I literally spilled hot peppermint tea on my lap the moment he --- well, you know. (I don't want to ruin this for those of you who haven't seen it.) But now I've given it such a big buildup that you will be waiting for a surprise ending, and that's not really the point, now is it? I just can't win.

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Mach1 said...

A.) Most of the world did not hate "Little Children." How could anyone hate something with such hot sex scenes?

B.) I liked "Match Point" but I was uncomfortable with the event that led to the ending. (I am being vague so as not to give anything away).