Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Have we talked about Olives yet? About my favorite sandwich place in all of the five boroughs that happens to be two blocks from my work?! Let's do so now.

They have a roasted chicken sandwich with pesto on focaccia that is so amazing that when I dropped a piece of roasted chicken on the sidewalk yesterday I honest-to-goodness considered picking it up and eating it before I remembered that I was in New York City where people are EVERYWHERE and those things aren't really appropriate to do anywhere but in the comfort of your own kitchen. So I didn't eat off the sidewalk. (But if you're interested in tasting the best chicken this side of Houston, its probably still sitting on the corner of Prince and Mercer. Go for it.)

Olives is open for take-away only, they don't have tables, and there is always a line. The food is fresh, the prices are somewhat reasonable (somewhat), and the service is excellent. Seriously, awesome manager lady with short hair and funky glasses, even if you're not very friendly, you rock at your job.

Get the sandwich of the day (especially on Thursdays and every other Wednesday), get a cowgirl cookie, and try the soups (but not until fall). And if you're in Soho during the lunch hour on a weekday, please call me and we can chat in line and happily eat our sandwiches together on the sidewalk. I can't wait.


La said...

i ate there when i visited you last october! loved it.

Kirsty F. said...

I was formerly against paying $9.00 for what is essentially a salad sandwich. And then I got it one. And it truly was a salad sandwich like no other.

But my fave is still Ceci Cela on Spring... they have this mushroom, swiss cheese, red onion and parsley sandwich that you get toasted... its incredible. And its 4.00. They also have these awesome brie baguettes. They bake their own bread, they butter it with real butter Euro style and then they throw on lashings of Brie. Yes.

Gail said...

Take me to Olives next time I visit.

Sarah Butler said...

Kirsty, i love Ceci Cela! i will definite try the mushroom sandwich, it sounds amazing.

'lashings of brie'... my mouth is watering.