Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jonatha Brooke: Mad Sq Music

Jonatha Brooke performed a nice little concert last night in Madison Square Park. Al, Lizbug, and I attended and it was lovely.

Its my second favorite type of summer event --the "free outdoor concert on a lawn with blankets and food and wine"-- next to my number one favorite event which is the same thing but with a movie, not a singer.

And I would be at a perfect summer outdoor movie situation tonight-- Paper Moon playing in Brooklyn Bridge Park-- if it weren't for the stupid rain and the stupid tickets that I have to a Broadway show this evening. Ugh.

My life is so hard.



Emily Jayne said...

our lives are so similar. you went to see Jonatha Brooke and I saw Heidi Newfield- while sitting in a lawn chair on a muddy race track at the county fair. Exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know...Heidi Newfield was spectacular and you would have loved the whole hometown, homey atmosphere!!!