Thursday, May 7, 2009

Randomness in the Form of Art

Interview Magazine recently published an interview with Rita Ackermann's little girl Marika Thunder Nuss who is suddenly having solo shows in Chelsea. She's 10 years old, in the fourth grade, and been given the tools, talent, and encouragement to make art with the best of them.

While her work is actually quite good and interesting (if you want to have a discussion with me sometime about 'good' verses 'bad' art and why some children DO have a talent worth gallery walls, let me know. I have a few opinions.) its the way she talks about art that gets me.

Like Antoine below, Marika is able to unashamedly live and express and create in the most honest of manners quite simply because she is young. She thinks about it in a very straight forward and believable way. It's completely refreshing and for some odd reason doesn't make me gag as it probably should. And, to be honest, she kind of makes me want to paint again.

AK: And you’ve also always made art.

MTN: Art is a fun word. Aaaarrrrt. Now let me say it fast: Art, art, art, art, art . . .

AK: What do you like about art?

MTN: It’s entertaining. Not like movies. You have to stare at it for a while. It’s just special, too, because there are so many different kinds. Sometimes it represents what people think and it lets you look into their brains. Like, if a person thinks something, they can make it into an artwork. If, say, you’re thinking about a fish, you can make one. You can draw or sculpt one. And there’s a fish.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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