Friday, March 20, 2009

That's One Tall Woman

The beauty of this ny mag aritcle is actually less about Michelle (although, as my roommate would phrase it... Michelle rocks) and more about the genius of staff writer Sam Anderson. He states grand lies that only serve to punctuate his point rather than dissolve them. It's funny too, but only if you get that he is lying.

Also, read this one. The last paragraph specifially jumps off the page and right into my bucket of word envy. Smart and thoughtful; snappy and true.

From the same article comes the stunning cut paper piece above is by Rodrigo Corral, one of my favorite designers. It captures her, doesn't it? With two pieces of torn paper. That's talent, people.

You did it again, NY Mag. Well done.

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La said...

She wouldn't seem that tall in our family. Loved the bit about Jackie Kennedy's shapely ergonomic flesh colored stilts. I also didn't know Eleanor Roosevelt was so tall!