Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chez Oskar/Charlotta Janssen

Vivien, Karen, and I had one of those great conversations at work today that comes full circle and surprises everyone with a great sense of excitement and confirmation. It started with Karen talking about restaurant week in Brooklyn and ended with the three of us gathered around a computer and falling in love with a new artist who isn't actually so new to us.

The artist is Charlotta Janssen and the restaurant is Chez Oskar in my dear Fort Greene. I've been to Chez Oskar for many-a long brunch on Brooklyn Sundays and a few late dinners. The spicy lamb burger is a favorite, but I prefer the rabbit and roasted potatoes.

Vivien met Ms. Janssen at the art fairs a few weeks ago and was startled by her vibrant and innate sense of cool. Viv mentioned that she owned some sort of restaurant in Brooklyn and led us to her website. I recognized the paintings from my Bellini-filled bunches, and sure enough, Janssen owns Chez Oskar and the gorgeous rust-tinged paintings on the wall are hers. In fact... she bought the restaurant to provide a space for her paintings. So. Cool.

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