Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The New Yorker Summer Fiction Issue

The best New Yorker of the year should be in all of your mailboxes by now, with that awesome cover of what looks to be a Miami interior. Makes my mouth water.

I've only read one story so far (busted) and-- turns out-- it wasn't even fiction. It sounds like Lahiri and read the same books as kids though:
I learned what my fictional companions ate and wore, learned how they spoke, learned about the toys scattered in their rooms, how they sat by the fire on a cold day drinking hot chocolate. I learned about the vacations they took, the blueberries they picked, the jams their mothers stirred on the stove. For me, the act of reading was one of discovery in the most basic sense.

Also in this issue:

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kelsey louise said...

Hopefully mine will get here soon! Excited for all of it, especially Aleksandar Hemon. I went to a reading of his a few years ago in Chicago, I laughed the entire time.