Thursday, March 10, 2011

Salt Bar

Pre-pre-Mynabirds John and I had after work cocktails (well, after work for me, early morning for John, who slept until 3pm that day and had a Sidecar for breakfast, eh hem) at the only open establishment we could find on the LES. Is 5:30 on a Monday too early to start drinking? Yeek.

At any rate, we were the first customers in this warm little bar chock full of things that white girls I like-- fancy cocktails for under $10, small plates, salty olives, vintage wallpaper, reclaimed wood, a friendly Aussie bartender, and a Pandora station set to play things like the Xx, Thom Yorke, and Beach House.

Two hours later, we were best friends forever with a couple honeymooning in NY from London, throwing high-fives with the aforementioned Aussie, and having heated discussions cross-bar about Florence and the Machine, Black Swan, and the National Board of Review.

I'm told that Salt Bar gets over crowded on weekends, as all LES spots do, but for one cold night in what-felt-like-was-the-middle-of-winter-but-was-actually-the-beginning-of-spring it was our own little Cheers. And for the record, I loved Black Swan, and let's all go back soon.

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