Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now, Now

Bradley (or as John likes to call him-- Boo-Radley. Get it?) Hale was in town last night with his band Now, Now-- formerly Now, Now Every Children-- playing a show at The Highline Ballroom. The show was delightful and strong and polished-- much like the man himself.

We had dinner in Chelsea post performance, where we talked about Brad's new life as a rock star, his European tour, how John used to make us lay on his floor in college and listen to Sigur Rós with our eyes closed, and about the time Brad left my dorm room senior year with my bra accidentally caught in the hood of his sweatshirt. Sorry about that, Boo-Rad.

And look! Now, Now is soon going to blow up before our eyes, even Interview wrote about them. Have fun in Boston, guys, and come back soon.

ALSO: Brad is an insanely talented graphic designer/printer/artist. He is doing freelance work on the road, and you should hire him. More here.

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