Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey, who lives in Seattle?! I lived there for a brief moment, did you know that? I worked at the Henry Art Gallery and drank amazing coffee and read all of Kurt Cobain's personal diaries and had no idea how lucky I was to be there.

Lo lives in Seattle and is taking part in The Nervous Breakdown Literary Experience tomorrow night, reading new work from her forthcoming essay collection, When You____ I Feel_____ Because____. If you live in Seattle, you should go. She's good.

Her latest essay, published by TNB, is called Alex and you should read it immediately. (Wow, I'm bossy today, but I feel very strongly about this.) It's one of my favorite things she's written, other than a note she once wrote for me on a laminated post-it that she then mailed to me with instructions to keep it in my wallet at all times. It says 'YOU'RE A TOTAL CATCH!'* and when I see it I believe her. She's that convincing.

Reading: Thursday, September 23, 7 pm at the Jewelbox Theater in the Rendezvous, 2322 2nd Avenue in the north part of Belltown.

*It doesn't really say 'TOTAL', she actually used a different word there.

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Lauren said...

It says "fucking."

(Gayle and Blake, Sarah is MUCH too well-bred to repeat that. I, on the other hand, was apparently raised in a brothel or a Judd Apatow film.)