Thursday, July 15, 2010


My dear friend Lauren Hoffman (Lo) recently had a beautiful and ridiculously well written piece published in The Nervous Breakdown. How have we not talked about this yet? Lo is an extremely talented writer currently working on her first book of essays and is the former student of the great late Frank McCourt. She also is phenomenal at the card game Cups. And at West Wing trivia.

We send each other weird things in the mail-- she sent me this, and I sent her an envelope stuffed with paper snowflakes I made last December with the note, "Lo, Please hang these snowflakes on your window and you will be happy. Xo, X" (She calls me X.) She sent me a copy of Zinn's A People's History recently, which we are reading together on a loosely followed schedule.

While we're at it, lets all take a look at the photography that her friend Sarah Jurado took, absolutely capturing Lo's world. My note is there, and the 'Ll' 'Oo' flashcards I sent her from Chicago. She reads more than anyone I know and lovingly arranges her books according to importance. I organize mine by color, which makes her squirm, but she places Infinite Jest on the same shelf as 'Mr. Rogers' Plan & Play Book' so, whatever Lo.

It also happens to be her 27th birthday today. Wish I could be there, friend, to eat cupcakes, play Cups, and talk about C.J. Cregg. xo, X.

Again, the essay is here:

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Lauren said...

I love this, and also you.