Friday, September 11, 2009

Chelsea Gallery Openings

Yigal Ozeri at Mike Weiss Gallery
Will Ryman at Marlborough Gallery

Barthelemy Toguo at Robert Miller

It was a lovely fall evening in Chelsea last night. After a long and desperate summer, galleryland pulled itself together for a stunning evening of art and celebration. The streets were packed and the art was good. Somewhat safe, if you ask me-- but good. Highlights were the Yigal Ozeri show at Mike Weiss, the Will Ryman sculptures at Marlborough, and Toguo's watercolors and installation at Robert Miller.

We even came across a crazy performance piece(!!!) of a Russian woman ranting about men while throwing coffee on white graffiti covered walls. Both boys I was with rolled their eyes while exiting the crowded gallery but it was a total treat.

The evening concluded with a walk along the Highline, ducking into the Brass Monkey to beat the rain, and then running into Allison "fashionista" Fry at DVF during the highly anticipated Fashion Night Out. Its a small town after all.

Hello, fall. Welcome back :)


Allison said...

You skipped the part about running into your favorite person at DVF!! We live in a small town of 10 million people, and that's the best part.

Sarah Butler said...

Please see amendment :) And, to be honest, I did try to fit it in before but got lazy trying to figure out how to explain why I ended up at DVF after all of that...

don't you just love new york??? see you tomorrow, girlie!