Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kirsha Kaechele

Kirsha Kaechele recently made me doubt any coolness I ever thought I possessed. She was featured in the November issue of Interview, Art in America's sister publication. I read the article a few months ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head. I've thought about it a lot and can honestly say Kaechele's insights have altered a bit of my stunted view on non-profit art. It's stunning, and an absolute validation of why art is good.

Kaechele owns runs KKProjects, a not for profit art org in New Orleans. Her motive and drive is so very honorable and completely genuine. Its a rare find in the art world, even in non-profits. In her own words, its transcendent. Transcendent of morality and transcendent of political position.

Kaechele is driven by art as a pure concept. This isn't a new idea or motivation, most non profits can stake the claim. But the difference between Kaechele and the rest of the art world is that she succeeds. Not in a measureable way, as my bet is that KKProjects is on the brink of absolute sinking financial failure. She instead succeeds in the preservation of idea. She's also slightly crazy. Which helps.

The article reads like an adventure story... she is the Pippi Longstocking of contemporary America. Its escapist to even imagine her life and her day to day living. Someone NEEDS to make a documentary on this girl and her project... you heard it here first. So on this rainy and gloomy December day... enter Kirsha's world and become inspired. Here ya go.


Anonymous said...

She also directs a medical marijuana foundation in California...hottest pot-growing art babe EVER!

Anonymous said...

She sucks the life out of things and people. She leaves a bad taste and just asks you to keep on eating. I wish she would just calm the fuck down and get a hobby - knitting or chess would be good.