Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rear Window

Rear Window is a Butler family favorite. We all love Hitchcock and this is what we consider the cornerstone of Hitchcock films. Jimmy Stewart is collectively our favorite actor, and Grace Kelly steals every heart. This film is great in so many ways. Let me name a few...

1) The entire film takes place in Jeff's apartment, almost in real time. Similar to the best Friends episode ever made... 'The one when they are getting ready' when Rachel can't find a dress, Pheobe 'gets the hummus', Monica calls Richard and leaves a breezy message, Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes, and Ross almost 'drinks the fat' in an Abraham and Isaac allegory for love. Kind of like that. If only the Ugly Naked Guy made an apperance, it would pretty much be the same movie. (Reaching? Maybe.)

.... more to come.


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B Butler said...

I love this movie and I am anxious to read your thoughts, Sarah